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Warehouse industrial printing inks, foil for hot stamping and auxiliary materials

Warehouse industrial printing inks, foil for hot stamping and auxiliary materials

Development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning products intelligent fluids for printing and other industries. GRS is a repro house that produces both lithographic printing plates as well as round direct gravure sleeves and endless photopolymer sleeves. PolyMX manufactures and develops polyurethane products for the manufacture of cutting dies. TKM Meyer Doctor blades. Bochonow Screen printing machines and screen making equipment. Flexo Wash Washers.


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Digital Foil Printer manufacturers & suppliers

Like all industries, the packaging industry has a language of its own. Click below to see all terms that begin with a desired letter and find out what it all means! Applied color lettering. Colored lettering or design of a ceramic nature fused onto bottles.

Employs screen printing to transfer glass frit powdered glass colorant to the surface of a bottle or glass container. The design is fired, heated in a lehr, and becomes permanently fused. Tough, hard, rigid, opaque plastic easily fabricated by injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

More costly than general purpose and impact grades of polystyrene. Of limited use in packaging. Accelerated Test Laboratory performance test of a container or coating to evaluate its performance in a shorter time interval than that required under actual service conditions.

Example: Performing chemical-resistance tests at elevated temperatures. Acid Rain Acid rain refers to a mixture of wet and dry deposition deposited material from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. The precursors, or chemical forerunners, of acid rain formation result from both natural sources - volcanoes and decaying vegetation - and man-made sources - primarily emissions of sulfur dioxide SO2 and nitrogen oxides NOx resulting from fossil fuel combustion.

When fossil fuels are combusted, acid-forming nitrogen and sulfur oxides are released to the atmosphere. These compounds are transformed in the atmosphere. These compounds are transformed in the atmosphere, often traveling thousands of kilometers from their original source, and then fall out on land and water surfaces as acid rain.

Acid rain is best known for the damage it causes to forests and lakes. Less well known are the many ways it damages freshwater and coastal ecosystems, soils and even ancient historical monuments, or the heavy metals these acids help release into groundwater.

Acrylic Thermoplastic materials, such as Lucite and Plexiglas, made by polymerization of monomeric esters of acrylic acids. Acrylonitrile Abbreviation AN. Rigid, natural crystal color, transparent, generally excellent barrier properties, fair resistance to water permeation, good impact strength.

Used in thermoforming. Additive A material such as a hardener, softener, preservative, slip agent, etc. Adhesive Bleed Exudation, or ooze, especially from pressure-sensitive label material.

It is the result of cold flow, excessive roll winding tension, excessive heat or improper converting procedures. Aerosol Describes any container which consists of 1 a gas-tight, pressure resistant container, 2 a valve 3 a desired product, and 4 a self-contained propellent which forces the product from the container when the valve is opened. Products dispensed from aerosol packages include true aerosols, "wet" sprays coarse particles , foams, pastes, syrups and powders.

Aerosol Components Extruded aluminum containers, plastic coated bottles, closures and overcaps. Aerosol bottles and containers are available in various sizes, shoulder configurations, diameters, and neck finishes. Decorating options are available. Aerosol Propellents Liquefied or compressed gases that are packed with a product in a pressure-propulsion container in order to provide sufficient pressure to propel the product through a valve to give the form of discharge desired.

Aerosol Services The filling of aerosol products, either customer-supplied or original formulations. A range of one piece lining materials with a substrate choice of either unbleached virgin pulpwood or folding box board.

Both conform to the stringent requirements of food approval bodies in a majority of countries. Can be used to line plastic and metal closures.

The functionality of the AlphaSeal liner depends on the facing material applied to the pulpwood or box board substrate. Depending on facing material selected, the AlphaSeal provides a general purpose sealing of bottles containing wet or dry products, solvents, weak acids and alkalines, and can provide a gas barrier.

Alternative Fuels Alternative fuels, as described by the U. DOE, include bio-diesel, electricity, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, propane and hydrogen. Some alternative transportation fuels, such as ethanol and bio-diesel, are renewable while others, such as propane and natural gas, are non-renewable.

Amber Glass A brown-colored glass used principally for beer, medicine and liquor containers. The color decreases the effect of some forms of light which would be injurious to the contents of the container. Ampul Also ampoule, ampule, ampoul.

A relatively small container made from a glass or plastic tube, the end of which is drawn into a stem and closed by fusion after filling. The bottom may be flat, convex or drawn out as required. Opening is achieved by breaking the stem. AN Acrylonitrile. A monomer with the following properties: rigid, natural crystal color, transparent, generally excellent barrier properties, fair resistance to water permeation, good impact strength.

Material used in thermoforming. Anneal A controlled temperature process in which glass is gradually cooled in ovens or lehrs to avoid the creation of stresses and strains within the glass due to natural or uneven cooling. The annealing temperature in glass is about degrees F. Antioxidant A chemical substance that can be added to plastic resin to minimize or prevent the effects of oxygen attack on the plastic e.

Such chemical attack by oxygen may render a plastic brittle or cause it to lose desired mechanical properties. Anti-Skid Corrugated Corrugated board with embossed or chemically-treated surface, to increase coefficient of friction, so containers made from the treated board will produce a more stable pallet or unit load. Antistatic Agent A substance applied to the surface of a plastic article, or incorporated in the plastic from which the article is to be made, so as to render the surface of the plastic less susceptible to accumulation of electrostatic charges which attract and hold fine dirt or dust on the surface.

There are two types: 1 metallic devices, and 2 chemical additives, either internal or surface applied. Applicator Cap A container closure designed so that it may be used to apply the contents of the container, such as oil and grease spouts or daubers. Applicator Rod Short glass rod 2 mm to 4 mm in diameter used in conjunction with an applicator cap.

The end which enters the cap is cut square. The other end may have a variety of glazed finishes. AQL Acceptable quality level. The maximum percentage or proportion of variant or defective units in a lot or batch that, for the purposes of acceptance sampling, can be considered satisfactory as a process average. Aromatherapy Packaging Items used to package aromatherapy products, including glass and aluminum bottles, vials, perfume samplers and candle holders.

Aseptic Packaging A technique for creating a shelf-stable container by placing a commercially sterile product into a commercially sterile container.

The process involves sterilizing a product and its intended container usually separately and then bringing them together within a sterile environment for filling and sealing. The sealed container is designed to maintain a sterile product until the seal is broken. In addition, when packaged aseptically, the product does not require refrigeration until the package seal is broken. Used for drink boxes, wine bag-in-box , tomato products and soy milk.

Assembly A wide variety of assembly services such as collating, filling, gluing, labeling, bagging, shrink wrapping, bag sealing, blister sealing, display assembly, package assembly, inspection, and bulk mail preparation are available. Some companies follow strict anti-contamination procedures to ensure a clean pack.

Atomizers Various styles of atomizers and purse sprayers are available, including metal, aluminum, molded glass, plastic, and pastel enamel.

Autoclavable Products produced from resins that can withstand degrees for 45 minutes. Autoclave A pressure vessel into which steam or other vapor can be introduced at a suitably high temperature to sterilize packages or other objects placed therein. Similar pressure vessels used for sterilizing food products packed in glass jars or cans are normally called retorts.

Average Wall Thickness A number obtained by adding the thickest wall section measurement of a container to the thinnest wall section and dividing by two. It does not describe the distribution of plastic material in a container. Designated by "oz" or "oz av" and "lb" or "lb av". Sometimes, when a container is meant to hold a specific product such as honey or talcum powder, the bottle capacity is stated in auvoirdupois ounces rather than in fluid ounces. For example, a typical 1 lb. Baby Bottle Nipples Plastic baby bottle nipples are available in various styles.

Backing Liner The compressible paper material, usually pulp or newsboard, to which the liner is attached or adhered. This compressible paper material compensates for any irregularities on the sealing surface.

Also provides additional strength, or water resistance, or better appearance. Bag-In-Box A sealed, usually spouted plastic bag inside a rigid outer container, generally used for packaging liquid products of varying viscosities. The outer box may be disposable or reusable.

The container itself may be be either partially emptied and resealed or may never be opened to ambient air i. Consumer sizes usually range from one to six gallons while process and transportation sizes range from 55 to gallons.

Graphics and color printing options are available. Bail Wire handle for carrying purposes, with or without grip, fastened to ears that are riveted or welded to opposite sides of a container.

Banding Banding is used to unitize a product for shipment. Steel, plastic and cord banding is available along with seals and buckle and strapping tools. Bar Code An identification symbol where the value is encoded in a sequence of high contrast, rectangular bars and spaces. The relative widths of these bars and spaces contain the information. Identification is by visual or electronic means. Barex Barex is a polymer composed primarily of acrylonitrile, with methylacrylate and butadiene as comonomers.

It offers excellent gas barrier properties, good impact and chemical resistance. Barex containers are used for many agricultural chemicals. Barex is a registered trademark of BP Chemical Inc. Barrels, Wood Wine barrels, garden barrels, and food storage barrels are available, some with plastic or paraffin liners.

Magnetic printing and magnetic card production

Like all industries, the packaging industry has a language of its own. Click below to see all terms that begin with a desired letter and find out what it all means! Applied color lettering. Colored lettering or design of a ceramic nature fused onto bottles.

Jolybar specializes in the production and supply of materials for flexible packaging and digital printing. Jolybar processes coated papers and bindings for digital printing and customized sheets and rolls for different types of flexible packaging, for such specialized markets as electronics and hi- tech, pharmaceuticals, security and food manufacturing. The company was founded in by Yoel Blumenberg and Avner Inbar and has a staff of around 50 employees.

Kalsi Machinery Co. Every individual in our teams is committed to quality and perfection. Through hard work and persistence the company has become synonymous with the creation of working solutions for virtually any cutting, creasing and embossing of different materials. The organization is reputed for its ethics, transparency, corporate culture and its growth. Pvt Ltd.

Packaging Terms

We are a big printing company in Shenzhen China. We offer all book publications, hardcover book printing, papercover book printing, hardcover notebook, sprial book printing, saddle stiching book printing, booklet printing,packaging box, calendars, all kinds of PVC, product brochures, notes, Children's book, stickers, all kinds of special paper color printing products, game cardand so on. For more information please visit. ENG only. Magnetic printing is the abbreviation of magnetic ink printing. It uses magnetic substances such as iron oxide as ink pigments, and completes the production of magnetic recording materials by a certain printing method, so that the printed matter has the special functions required. In recent years, with the development of computer technology and network technology, magnetic prints have been applied in many fields, such as bank passbooks, checks, ID cards, credit cards, telephone cards, train tickets and price lists. In magnetic printing, the material constituting the magnetic recording body is a magnetic ink.

full automatic hanger size clip pad printing machine

Not only do we offer high quality labels and packaging, we offer valuable solutions. Technology is forever changing, and so are our suppliers and Digital Foil Printer who always keep their standards high and has fostered innovation in everything they do. From their strategies and end products to how that are preserving and protecting the environment. We provide global buyers with a complete resource for their packaging needs such as cheap China Digital Foil Printer.

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Hot stamping supplies Such as screen printing machine,pad printing machine,rotary printing stamping machine,heat transfer printing machine,auxiliary printing machine and Product: DX-B1 semi automatic PVC ball pad printing machine printing machine,foil stamping machine,heat transfer printing machine,ink cup.

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