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Space factory yarn produced by the flax industry

Space factory yarn produced by the flax industry

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The Industries of Scotland Linen and Jute Manufacturers FROM the frequent mention of linen in the history of Scotland, it is evident that the inhabitants were acquainted with the processes of making cloth from flax six hundred years ago at least. Then placing themselves in battle array, and making a great show, they came down the hillside in face of the enemy with much noise and clamour. The English, supposing them to be a reinforcement coming to the Scots, turned and fled.

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About Flax

We see its ecological consciousness throughout the industry. Mechanical activities are a part of each operation in its transformation — scutching, combing, spinning, weaving. Counting all stages of production, the European linen industry is made up of 10, companies in 14 countries of the EU : a network of interactive professionnals — growers, scutchers, spinners, weavers, knitters, finishers, traders. Linen helps maintain an economic and social fabric in rural zones. Its growth and transformation require a large, qualified, local work force. The Linen industry is committed to respecting the laws of the International Labor Office. Flax fibers are known for their great ability to absorb water. This is due to a high amount of pectins, the components that hold the fibers together.

Cotton mill

The family business is currently run by the fourth generation of Vannestes : Alex Vanneste. We are modifying shortening and refining the long-staple flax and tow into a fiber with the characteristics of cotton, a artificial or synthetic fiber that is suitable to spin on the short staple ring or rotor spinning system. We are certainly the only linen tops supplier offering dyed colors. More than 40 reactive dyed shades are available from stock.

Textile manufacturing is one of the oldest human activities.

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East London Industries : the jute factory, Stratford-le-Bow

THE development of spinning and weaving machines in the midth century was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution and established factory culture. Following the series ofspinning and weaving inventions that transformed the industry, textile workers could no longer work at home; instead they had to work where there was power for machines. In , John Kay, who was born near Bury in Lancashire, invented the flying shuttle, the first step in the automation of the loom. Instead of having to pull the shuttle through the loom manually, a process that on a wide cloth required two weavers, the flying shuttle returned automatically.

This factory is owned by Messrs. The works stand on about four acres of ground, one half of which is covered in, and the rest an open space or shed. On my visit to this place, Captain Ritchie, M. The product of these 'hands' in yarn is ,, yards weekly, and the jute cloth produced in the same period measures , yards. The quantity of jute manufactured every week is about 60 tons. The goods produced find their way to both home and foreign markets.

linen yarns - Import export

New hemp factory to pave the way for ground-breaking product innovation A new hemp processing facility in Christchurch is set to open the way for ground-breaking research and development into products made from hemp and linseed flax fibres — with a huge range of potential applications from yarn to construction materials. Hemp NZ is now about to commence installing the state-of-the-art hemp fibre processing equipment — the first of its kind in New Zealand — in a m2 space at the NZ Yarn factory in Burnside. This will transform the NZ Yarn building from a wool yarn plant into a fully-fledged, modern fibre factory with leading-edge equipment purpose-built and engineered specifically for hemp processing, alongside its existing wool yarn spinning equipment. The new hemp processing facility, called a decorticator, is being imported from the UK in two separate shipments. It will separate hemp stalks into fibre which can be woven and hurd a woody core material which has fire retardant and insulating properties. Once the machinery is commissioned at the end of this year, NZ Yarn and Hemp NZ will begin what is thought to be the first-ever commercial processing of hemp stalks into fibre in New Zealand, using crop from the harvest. Following the harvest, good quantities of hemp crop are expected to be available for processing through the facility. Among the possible uses we are exploring are wool and hemp blends for use in soft flooring, and we know from conversations with our customers that there is already strong interest in this type of product.

acres of ground, one half of which is covered in, and the rest an open space or shed. The quantity of jute manufactured every week is about 60 tons. But passing from flax and cotton, the factory at Stratford is a sermon in bricks and so that according to the grist of yarn to be made, which governs the weight of cloth.

Safilin selects the best fibers for the production of high quality yarn for fabric and knitting. We also produce polished and unpolished linen strings but also rovings for the reinforcement of composites with highly researched propreties. Entwining threads of linen. Chic, easygoing, elegant, in harmony with nature, our linen yarn adapts all year round, giving free rein to the most creative imagination with trousers, shirts, dresses and accessories.

Textile manufacturing by pre-industrial methods

Refine your search. Find out about this company. Edelweiss is a major structure in the Biella region, in the spinning, milling, knotting, and recombing of cotton thread, mixed cotton, acrylic and synthetic thread.

New hemp factory to pave the way for product innovation

Linen has exceptional properties thanks to nature, its composition and the structure of the flax fibers. But how does this wonderful plant actually become a yarn? Linen type spinning describes the spinning process of the linen plant, which also called flax.

At Nafeesa Textiles, we are passionate about unmatched quality and product innovation for yarns. Our production facility covering about , square feet is equipped with 33, ring spindles backed up with state of the art machinery right from Blow room to cone winding.

A cotton mill is a building housing spinning or weaving machinery for the production of yarn or cloth from cotton , [1] an important product during the Industrial Revolution in the development of the factory system. Although some were driven by animal power , most early mills were built in rural areas at fast-flowing rivers and streams using water wheels for power. The mechanisation of the spinning process in the early factories was instrumental in the growth of the machine tool industry, enabling the construction of larger cotton mills. Limited companies were developed to construct mills, and the trading floors of the cotton exchange in Manchester , created a vast commercial city.

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