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Production produce haberdashery textile

Production produce haberdashery textile

Our focus lies on quality, short delivery times, flexibility as to volume and competitive prices for custom-made products. Painting canvasses and tapestries by hand 2. Silk-screen prints for textile, table mats and upholstery fabrics 3. Sublimating and manufacturing polyester textile 4. Ready-made curtains 5.

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Our focus lies on quality, short delivery times, flexibility as to volume and competitive prices for custom-made products. Painting canvasses and tapestries by hand 2. Silk-screen prints for textile, table mats and upholstery fabrics 3. Sublimating and manufacturing polyester textile 4.

Ready-made curtains 5. Design processing 6. Embroidery Packaging unit and warehouse 7. Packaging department and warehouse 8. Quality Control. Painting canvasses and tapestries by hand. Cotton fabrics such as canvas can never be woven exactly straight. By hand-painting the canvas colour by colour these differences can be corrected. As a result its quality level is substantially higher than that of machine-printed canvasses. Symmetrically laying out the drawing on the fabric requires utmost precision.

Silk-screen prints for textile, table mats and upholstery fabrics. The silk-screen printing technique allows for a very broad range of colour tones. Moreover, special washable ink is used for applying silk-screen printings onto the Vervaco table mats. After one wash the printed pattern on the fabric disappears, resulting in a lovely piece of embroidery.

Sublimating and manufacturing polyester textile. In sublimation print the sublimation ink of the transfer paper with a digital or analogue print is heated with a printing press in order to make the ink gaseous.

The fabric to be printed absorbs the ink. The colour of the material to be printed has to be white or transparent, as the inks are transparent and would not be visible on a coloured background. The big advantage of sublimation printing in comparison to normal printing is that the textile absorbs the ink.

This means that the print can be washed without fading, wearing or tearing. This sublimation technique is used at CPT for producing high-quality personalised sports clothes for various sports branches. All sublimed fabric parts are manufactured in our own workshop, in accordance with first-rate quality requirements and standards. These completely finished products are packaged and delivered according to your specific requirements.

As an additional service, we offer the possibility of designing the respective patterns and gradations as well as digitalising the final cutting plans. Our ready-made clothes department is of course not only equipped for assembling high-quality sports articles but also for producing various textile articles, ranging from table cloths, table covers and chair covers and specialised articles for various purposes.

Ready-made curtains. In our ready-made clothes department, we also have a separate unit in which we manufacture made-to-measure blinds, curtains and panel curtains. These curtains are manufactured with state- of-the-art machines, a guarantee for high quality.

These articles are supplied as completely finished products, including the rails, the system for opening and closing the curtains, etc. Single self yet to be placed. Your freedom in defining the exact size, the selection of fabrics and finishing options lies at the heart of your choice of decoration.

Design processing Computer-aided design. As soon as the creation team has completely finished a design, it is sent online to CPT, where the necessary modifications are introduced in order to get the new design ready for production. Computers play a vital role in this process. By using various software applications, each design is perfectly digitalised in order to be processed immediately in the production process.

Every needlework kit is manufactured in-house, so that its drawing, the amount of yarn used, etc. That is why we are able to continuously deliver high-quality and flawless needlework kits. See item 8, Quality Control. Packaging department and warehouse.

Optimal warehouse- and stock management is extremely important in order to guarantee continuity in supplying all needlework kits. The digital management of all articles is also centralised and kept up-to-date on a daily basis.

In our packaging department needlework kits are put together with utmost precision and according to well-defined control procedures, enabling us to supply them as a complete, finished kit. Checking the type and quantity of yarn for each kit, combined with other packaging requirements, is very important. This control procedure is strictly observed in order to deliver a correct and high-quality end-product.

Before taking up a needlework kit into the Vervaco range, it is first embroidered several times by the Quality Control Unit. The quality of the paint, the yarn quantity, the finishing level, etc.

The collection pieces for photography purposes and the finished shop window elements for customers and fairs are made in this unit as well. Each of the activities mentioned above is highly labour-intensive and time-consuming. Nonetheless they result in unparalleled quality. Production — CPT C.


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Fill out this form. Your message has been received. Find technology, service or idea Place the technology, service, or idea. Polish clothes manufacturing company is looking for manufacturers of fabrics, haberdashery and textile printing companies.


Our main activity includes manufacturing of thin braided elastic and non-elastic tapes and cords. Annually, we braid for over 10,, m of such items for various branches of industry. Technological possibilities of the company allow offering a broad highest-quality assortment. The most modern equipment, advanced policy of the company and convenient geographical location allow competing in the sense of the price and to maintain leading positions in the market. We can offer to our clients not only exceptional-quality garments but also flexible terms for manufacturing and delivery of production. Over year experience of the company has demonstrated that the key factor for success is quality dynamics. Continuous improvement helps us to achieve high results, to earn trust of clients and to remain relevant in this business.

Activity / Manufacture

I'd be petrified in case I made a mistake on cutting out of sewing! Companies that have been in business for hundreds of years, often family owned, are increasingly giving up their traditional craft or fighting to stay relevant and financially stable. Cool Hunting by Josh Rubin click on image in posting to view all images. This is a single tate-yoko gasuri pattern, not several patterns sticked together. Ikat is a 1, year old weaving technique believed to be of Asian origin, but practiced in several countries around the world.

Creating ikat fabrics is a complex technique that require skill patience and precision. The pattern is created through the technique of resist dyeing.

Over the years of work in the textile industry, our company has acquired the reputation of a reliable and loyal partner. PTGO SEVER, being a manufacturing enterprise, has both local and imported ribbon loom, which makes it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity and any volumes. Also, our company performs many different orders for the production of initiative and symbolic ribbons.

Activity / Manufacture

All materials for the production of lingerie, swimwear and corsets, see our shop. These materials are offered with no minimum quantity restriction for end customers and resellers. Lingerie packages and haberdashery packages facilitate the experienced seamstress selecting or compiling the color-coordinated haberdashery , lace, fabrics and technical materials.

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Through a long-time development and gradual specialization the production has aimed at the assortment of ribbons, braids, elastic fabrics and elastic yarns. We are a convenient partner above all for producers of garments, underwear, swimwear, producers of stretch fabrics, socks, medical hosiery and wholesalers. In addition to the products in stock, we also offer manufacturing products according to the specifications provided by the customer. The textile production is of long-termed tradition in Krnov region. The clothmakters' guild was granted the privileges as early as in and in the journyman rules were issued.

PEGA - VEL, Joint-Stock Company, Krnov

Downscaling production volumes and up-scaling the capacity of micro ateliers to deliver products and services to that market are seen as vital if real change is to be affected. The work of the two pilots to date has created a level of interest that can be demonstrated in part through the recent Call for new Associates. Seventy-three Associates expressed an interest in participating in short runs; seventy-two for the independents. That level of interest may well have something to do with the practical nature of the two pilots, working with real businesses, creating new business propositions and actual business transactions. As mentioned, the two pilots seek to address the restructuring of production. Work on short runs is addressing barriers and introducing new opportunities for viable short run business propositions.

Our main activity includes manufacturing of thin braided elastic and non-elastic tapes and cords. Braided and knitted products of textile haberdashery.

This company is a leading Polish manufacturer of a wide range of various narrow textile fabrics woven and knitted tapes, fringes, nets, elastics, cords, etc. The products are used in interior decorations, clothing, shoes and bags production, in orthopedic belts, gift decorations, flower arrangements and sport equipment. The company has been acting since , formerly as the state haberdashery factory and since as a limited liability company.

There are three terms used to describe the scale of production in relation to garment production:. Bespoke , job production or made-to-measure garments can be made for a client - such as wedding dresses or couture outfits. These will be original garments and can be produced to a very high quality; however, they can be very expensive to make and highly skilled workers will be needed.

JSC "Lenta". For 50 years the company has been the leading producer of cotton and blended yarn for knitwear and weaving manufacture and it is the only manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus of cotton and core-spun sewing threads. The mission of the company is to satisfy customer needs, to guarantee high and unique quality of the products. Constant investments in research and technological innovation enable us to meet all the requirements and expectations of the consumer both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Polyamide-6 Nylon-6 textile filament is used for the production of synthetic and mixed fabrics, knitwear and hosiery, elastic bands, etc. Kurskhimvolokno LLC has been producing polyamide filaments since

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