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Fabrication commercial laundry products

Fabrication commercial laundry products

Sheffield draws from a deep well of experience to deliver a full kitchen solution from food processing, heavy duty cooking range, refrigeration and storage facilities for your kitchen needs, dishwashing and wash up equipment, servery units with both finished products and fabricated customized solutions for pristine, elegant and efficient solutions as per your operations and requirements. Depending on the size and use of the cold room, we can offer both walk-in cold rooms and warehouse cold stores. For prefab solutions by using a modular construction system consisting of lightweight insulated structural panels, we can fabricate and assemble virtually any building configuration that you may desire. Sheffield has a range of heavy-duty and commercial laundry solutions for your business. We take pride in developing the right laundry solution for you. This spans in both Laundromat self-service equipment, dry cleaners and on premise industrial and commercial laundry from washers, dryers, ironers and calendars.

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An Insight into Sheffield. Sheffield conducts a site assessment and their team of engineers designs the equipment layout in 2D and 3D then customizes a solution by sourcing and fabricating the equipment. The process is then finalized with installation and an offer of continual after sales service and support. Sheffield Africa is currently a key player not only in the Commercial Kitchen industry, but has grown to providing Commercial Laundry and Cold Room solutions across the African continent.

Their head office is in Kenya, but they are also present in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, with project executions across the Continent in Ethiopia, Burundi, South Sudan, Nigeria and Congo as they keep venturing into new territories.

Sheffield Africa asserts that they value quality services and are committed to deliver in a progressive order. Sheffield serves a range of market segments including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, lounges, caterers, serviced apartments, corporates, institutions and hospitals amongst others.

Among their highly notable clients are influential industry leaders such as Sarova Hotels, Java House, Subway; mobile kitchens such as Mama Rocks along with various laundromats, corporate cafeterias and medical institutions. More than training demo sessions. Representing over 40 international brands. Pan-African company providing One-Stop-Solution. Suresh Kanotra, a mechanical engineer by profession founded Sheffield in in Nairobi, Kenya.

The visionary Sheffield Managing Director, moved from India to Kenya in to search for opportunities. His engineering background and research gave him an understanding of why the imported equipment that most hotels and restaurants in Kenya used were not suited to local conditions and often failed due to unavailability of after sales support. Suresh went ahead to start Sheffield, where he focused on fabrication of customized solutions, recommending equipment as well as providing repairs and after sales services.

He started the company with almost nothing but his zeal to fill the gap in the industry. This coupled with new customers led to a steady flow of business. Being a hardworking man with a passion for creating innovative solutions, Suresh had only five employees in his company, but encouraged them to multitask to meet their goals and grow. On seeing what the dedicated Sheffield team could do, their clients gave them more challenging concepts borrowed from foreign countries and by delivering, Sheffield grew into a reputable company.

Apart from work Suresh also likes to see his employees growing professionally and personally in terms of getting better at their jobs and raising stable families. Due to Mr.

What defines Sheffield? What defines Sheffield is their desire to always deliver quality and innovative services to their clients.

This leads to unique kitchens and laundry designs for each of their clients and experience for their design team.

Sheffield is driven by its overall goal to be the leading company in Africa, for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial food service and Laundry equipment and be a "one stop shop" for providing solutions and services for any commercial food related business.

The Sheffield team backs their quality equipment by ensuring reliable after sales service support. Their professionally trained service technicians are always on call, ready to attend to their clients in order to reduce business downtime. After sales service is a vital part of their identity as it was part of the spark that started Sheffield, therefore, they take pride in maintaining, repairing and training their clients on proper use of the equipment. Experience a client should expect from Sheffield.

Sheffield team ensures total client satisfaction through an involving discussion in equipment selection, layout design, equipment placement and Return On Investment ROI. They offer their clients unique and customized solutions, relevant to their requirements. They have a well-equipped showroom which clients can visit to discuss equipment features with their professional team and view the concepts that Sheffield fabricates.

For a live demonstration of how a machine works, Sheffield has an experience centre at their premises. They do not take anything for granted, therefore their commitment to providing exceptional solutions and positive customer experience is at the top of their priorities.

All their clients get unique personalized designs for their businesses, to compliment the space they are working with. Sheffield has managed to lock down the customer focus in the company. This gives Sheffield the obligation to always deliver to their optimal best. With all these equipment being in commercial use, frequent preventive or repair service is vital. Sheffield offers free after sales service to their clients in their first year of operation, with an option of continuing maintenance and preventive service.

Range of concepts. Among their unique, innovative solutions are Mobile and Containerized Solutions, mall kiosks and confectionery stands, Stainless Steel fabricated items for commercial kitchens, corporate canteens, Laundries and Laundromats and healthcare equipment.

One of the many advantages of a mobile facility is using it as a moving billboard, since it will always attract attention. Mobile kitchens are an innovative concept of running a food business. Sheffield re-engineers the cargo area in mid-size trucks and trailers into mini kitchens; as well as push carts and bicycles into mini snack shops.

Sheffield also offers containerized Laundromats; a laundry shop in a shipping container, fitted with coin operated washers and dryers. Another innovative solution they have fabricated is a containerized dishwasher unit for the Ministry Of Defense, among other custom design solutions.

New and exciting things from Sheffield. In the fully equipped commercial mobile kitchen concepts, Sheffield will install appliances comprising different types of grills, fryers and food and beverage processors. Further, the containerized kitchen will include a wash up, prep, cooking and servery area with dining space.

The Open house event will feature a live demo on how to operate the cooking equipment in their mobile and containerized concepts. Find out more: www. Published on Jun 10, Go explore.

Steel Fabrication

Global Manufacturers. Reset Options. Washtub Doctor Our target market are industrial companies, commercial establishments including lodging industry, and the small portion of household demands. Up Young International Corp.

When it comes to industrial or commercial laundering, the secret is using high performance products in the right amounts. Nobody wants to wear a grease-stained uniform or to sleep on sheets that are faded and ruined by poor quality laundry detergent.

Sheffield Africa is a leading premier providers of commercial laundry Products and solutions. We Deliver exceptional performance though combined effort of our qualified team, unmatched quality and commitment to perfection. From front-loading washers and dryers to complete laundromat management systems, Sheffield Africa offers a comprehensive high-quality line-up of Self-service laundry Solutions and on-premise laundry solutions. And for a more outdoor, flexible and mobile solution we offer containerized launderettes and coin operated laundry solutions. Our superior products process more laundry in less time while Our innovative designs consume less energy, fuel and water.

Commercial Kitchens

As the industrialization unfolded in the 19th century, it revolutionised the supply chains. It split the technologies. Craftsmanship and manual work turned into fabrication. The fabrication split the laundry tasks, specialised and automated, small enterprises turned in to large-scale operations, and the advantages from economies of scale were reaped. The functions once performed by a single person were divided among many workers. Laundries became factories. Volumes soared and more and more people took part in the production. Complexity and dependencies increased, and cut down hard on degrees of freedom in planning. Today laundry factories are housed in large buildings with complex flows of goods, score of specialised machines, and up to several hundred people engaged in the operation. Laundering clothes has become a service industry, with the characteristics of the industrial production, such as:.

Laundry Detergent

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as one of the leading Commercial catering equipment suppliers within East Africa boasting of over 40 years of experience. New World Stainless Steel Ltd was founded in the early s to provide quality equipment and services to international standards. Our company is about people and clients, employees and consultants and enjoying what we do. Over the years, New World has specialized in planning, designing, fabricating, supplying and maintaining commercial food service, cooking, refrigeration, bakery, butcheries and laundry projects.

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The DeVere Boost laundry line includes detergents that utilize surfactants and emulsifiers for superior soil removal, builders that aid detergency to improve soil and stain removal, sanitizers that both whiten and remove stains, sours that neutralize residual alkalinity, softeners that soften and provide anti-static protection, pre-spotters that remove difficult stains, and rewash concentrates that eliminate hard-to-remove soils in the rewash cycle. DeVere even manufactures two-in-one products for added convenience: detergent plus builder and softener plus sour. DeVere utilizes the most recent advances in cleaning technology to also offer its laundry customers sustainable, eco-friendly detergents and whitening agents.

Industrial and commercial laundry detergent

An Insight into Sheffield. Sheffield conducts a site assessment and their team of engineers designs the equipment layout in 2D and 3D then customizes a solution by sourcing and fabricating the equipment. The process is then finalized with installation and an offer of continual after sales service and support.

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Electrolux is a leading global company in the production of front-load washing machines and energy and water-efficient products. The largest global market share within laundry is in front-load washing machines, where the Group is a leading producer. For professional users, Electrolux sells advanced laundry solutions for various purposes , such as laundry rooms in apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals as well as commercial laundries. The majority of laundry products in the professional market are sold in Europe, although the most rapid increase in sales is taking place in the US, Southeast Asia and Japan. In North America, the Frigidaire brand is used in mass-market segments.

Laundry products

Arrow Solutions is a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance chemicals. Our high quality liquid, aerosol and wipe products offer solutions to thousands of companies every day, and our reputation for innovation and manufacturing excellence is recognised through numerous awards, accreditations and OEM approvals. From our headquarters in the United Kingdom, from our international locations and via our extensive distributor network, Arrow products are supplied worldwide. In response to the challenge of achieving consistently high performance against a background of ever tighter regulation more professionals trust Arrow to deliver on our promise to set the standard in cleaning and maintenance. New non-flammable product formula, with reduced cost-in-use and low odour, making Shield NF one of the safest in the market.

Inventories by Stage of Fabrication of Foreign-Owned Establishments, Other fabricated metal product manufacturing Metal valve manufacturing Industrial machinery Automatic vending machine manufacturing Commercial laundry and.

The first soaps were manufactured in ancient times through a variety of methods, most commonly by boiling fats and ashes. Archeologists excavating sites in ancient Babylon have found evidence indicating that such soaps were used as far back as B. By the second century A. In Europe, the use of soap declined during the Middle Ages.

Laundry Machines

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