Open-arm push-ups vs. Closed-arm push-ups


On the surface push-ups seem like the most straightforward exercises to do. There’s no need for equipment, just the floor and a desire to get moving. However, did you know there are a variety of push ups techniques?

This exercise, builds muscle and strengthens the upper body, outcome can be changed according the the type of push up you do.

Here we will explore there are two Open-arm push-ups vs. Closed-arm push-ups.

Activating Muscles

Both Push-ups utilize the same muscle groups, but the muscle responses are different.[1] While the pushing action is similar, the different hand placement means a change in the intensity of muscle activation.

As a rule, the narrower (close) hand position means higher muscle activation of  the triceps and the chest. Therefore, the narrow variation is harder to do for a majority of people.

The increased difficulty of the close hand push-up, also increases the risks involved. This type of push-up places more stress on the elbows versus the wider hand placement. For this reason, any individual undertaking it should have an advanced level of strength and control.

The wider hand placement uses triceps and chest also, but places more focus on the outer chest (while the narrow placement zones in on the inner part of the chest more).

Closed-arm push-ups

The position of the hands is crucial in determining the effectiveness of the close arm push-up routine. This works the shoulders, back and abs. The hands are put close together, the elbows held close to the body, this makes it appear that your hands are directly under the chest.




Wide-arm push-ups

For the wide-arm push-ups you need your hands to be wider than the width of your shoulders. Unlike the close arm version, where your elbows are near to your sides, the elbows are opened outward. This results in more work from the shoulders. The chest muscles are put to work here. The wider chest area makes this movement easier, which is why this type of flexion is less challenging than its counterpart with hands together.


If you want to increase the difficulty of your push-ups, this can be done through using a weight vest, gym rings by or  raising your feet onto a bench. The latter increases the range of motion while bringing some complexity and difficulty to your usual push-ups.


Combine them

Incorporate the open arm and closed arm push-ups into your workout regimen for best results. This will give an even distribution effort from the muscle groups involved, so that the shoulders, arms and chest are tonified and stretched equally. With proper posture, your abdominal muscles and hips, and even the rest of the lower part of your body, can benefit from this routine.

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