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I’m excited to share a free printable to get you started with food journaling. Remember, you’ll want to tailor this document to YOUR needs.. whatever weight loss plan you may be following, be sure to make the proper adjustments.

The whole idea of this free food diary template is to make it easier to stay on track and also on plan. After all, the more organized you are, the smoother your weight loss will go. This food diary can also help you with meal planning, as well.

When you start your day, really think about what you’ll take with you for lunch at work. D your best to make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks at hand. I also recommend adding your calorie count goals and tracking with our free calorie counter  – especially, for the first few weeks while you’re still figuring out your staple diet foods (such as chicken breast, fish, veggies, etc.).

Here’s what the food diary looks like. As you can see, it’s simple!


                      Click here to print this free food diary

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