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11 Powerful Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

The perfect breakfast? Greek yogurt with quinoa, almonds, and grapefruit cinnamon, plus green tea with apple cider vinegar and ginger, half an avocado and some dark chilli chocolate. Why? Well, first, because they’re delicious, and secondly, because all of these foods promote fat burning.

 How exactly do these qualify as fat burning foods for weight loss, and why do they work so well? In this article we will show you all that, plus how these can benefit you right now.

11 Of the best fat burning foods for weight loss


1. Greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt and fat burning
fat burning foods for weight loss: Greek Yogurt

But it’s is full of fat? Right. With a fat content of about 10 percent, the Greek yogurt is more of a heavyweight version of diet food. However, it contains only good vegetable fats. In addition, it’s a rich source of protein that provides the body with sustainable energy, more so than carbohydrates . This regulates the insulin levels so you have less food cravings.

2. Quinoa

As a superfood this does exactly what it promises, because it contains all nine essential amino acids and is extremely rich in minerals. This ancient Inca grain stimulates your metabolism and ensures good hormonal balance. In turn, hormones have a big impact on your fat burning capabilities, making this a fat burning foods for weight loss worth eating regularly.

3. Almonds

The assumption that nuts make you fat is extremely outdated (although an excess of anything can work adversely). Almonds, in actuality, are very good at helping your body burn fat.

They contain healthy fats and proteins and thus have a positive influence on our insulin levels and satiety. In addition, almonds provide our body with magnesium, which is good for muscle regeneration which also helps in fat burning.

4. Cinnamon

cinnamon for fat burning
fat burning foods for weight loss; Choose cinnamon for fat burning and muscle growth

Oriental spices like cinnamon, cardamom and coriander are real metabolism boosters. Cinnamon contains a lot of fiber and phytochemicals that aid in regulating blood sugar levels.

With a high number of antioxidants and health benefits, a sprinkle of cinnamon is the tasty spice that keeps on giving. Its antioxidants blocks free radicals and there’s more…

Researchers conducted an experiment with 52 subjects whose blood sugar and fat levels were elevated. Due to this, the participants were seen as having a high chance of developing diabetes in the future.  All candidates did not want to change their lifestyle, but were prepared to take a couple of capsules a day.

Researchers gave fifty percent of the subjects a placebo every day for four months. The other fifty percent were given an extract of Cinnamomum cassia extract.

Subjects in the experimental group took Cinnamomum cassia extract, at 460 mg, plus 200 mg carnosine and 20 mcg chrome chloride every day.

The results of this experiment showed that the subjects who took the cinnamon supplement had a lower concentration of glucose in their blood in the mornings – which was positive. When there is less glucose in the blood in the morning, the cells are better equipped to listen to insulin, which helps with weight loss and reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Here’s another thing, the subjects also had an increase in muscle mass. This is because their insulin receptors were more sensitive, which in turn stimulates muscle cells to absorb more glucose from the blood stream. The more lean muscle you have, the better your body is at fat burning.

5. Grapefruit

The bittersweet fruit has hardly any fat or calories and yet has a satiating effect on our body. This is because grapefruit contains the active ingredient naringin. This is converted in the body to naringenin, which stimulates digestion. As a result, we feel full. In addition, the grapefruit has a positive effect on your insulin and cholesterol levels and also has a blood-purifying effect.

6. Green tea

There are several reasons to drink green tea on a regular basis : The bitter substances of tea, called catechins, promotes fat oxidation. The caffeine contained in the tea also stimulates digestion and has a cleansing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the conversion of food energy into body heat is promoted by the thermogenic substances it contains. This boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

7. Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar fat burning
Growing in popularity, cider vinegar is a great fat burning foods for weight loss

Pure it’s almost inedible, but even a small shot in the tea with a little honey can work wonders. Use as a vinegar in salad dressing or in marinades as apple cider vinegar  has a beneficial effect on digestion. It also has a positive effect on your insulin levels and prevents food cravings.

 When you take vinegar with a high-carb meal, you can increase feelings of satiety. This means people potentially eat 200–275 less calories for the rest of the day (bc). A 12-week study with a group of obese people showed that just 15 or 30 ml of vinegar per day caused weight loss of 2.6–3.7 pounds, or 1.2–1.7 kilograms (d).

Vinegar also has the ability to reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, this also has many health benefits in the long term (ef).

You can find multiple varieties of apple cider vinegar on Amazon.

8. ginger

This is an exceptional fat burning food. Ginger is a vasodilator, what that means is that it expands the diameter of small arteries, which enhances blood circulation.

The increased circulation and blood flow usually leads to an increase in body temperature, which is termed as the  thermogenic effect. It is this that enhances metabolism and burns more calories.

Ginger promotes bile production which stimulates gastric juices, both of these aid digestion allowing for more energy burn. Although studies are inconclusive,  ginger could also have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering effect.

9. Avocado

Previously described as a calorie bomb, avocado has become the queen of healthy foods in recent years. Rightly so! Because it contains, like nuts and yogurt, healthy unsaturated fatty acids and also vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. These all  help your body to regulate hormone balance , especially insulin level.

Avocados are  perfect with vegetable salads,  in fact studies reveal the fat content of this fruit can increase the absorption of carotenoid antioxidant from vegetables  (1).

10. Chilli Pepper

We’ve already mentioned the thermogenic effect of green tea and ginger. However, you can’t talk natural thermogenic substances and not mention chillies.

Chilli pepper contains capsaicin, a substance which has been proven to reduce appetite and increase fat burning in studies (ghi).

This substance is so effective, it’s become common place in popular weight loss supplements.

Research have shown  that if you eat 1 gram of red chili pepper, it increases fat burning and reduce appetite (j).

It should be noted that there was no effect with people who regularly ate spicy food, which suggest that overtime a tolerance level can be built up (k).

11. Chocolate

Yes, really! However, you should know this only goes for dark chocolate with a cocoa content of over 70 percent. This has a high fiber and relatively low sugar content and contains antioxidants.

Researchers at Autonomous University of Baja California (L) recently tested the fat burning benefits of chocolate. The study was performed on 84 young volunteers who were instructed to eat 2 grams chocolate at 70 percent cocoa content over 6 months. At the end of the experiment lower LDL Cholesterol was observed, along with an lessening in waist circumference.,

While high cocoa chocolate does offer some fat burning benefits, it is still high in calories. So basically what I’m saying is enjoy a couple of pieces every so often, rather than devouring a whole block!



In Conclusion

Despite what a lot of weight loss products claim, there’s no pill that will let you eat whatever you like whenever you like and lose a ton of weight – at least without horrible side effects.

The fat burning foods for weight loss mentioned here will help with your weight loss efforts. Best of all they actually have lots of other health benefits, which make them great to include in your diet in general.

For the best possible results, combine these fat burning foods with some exercise and a resolve to stick to a healthier diet for the long term – so you get long term weight loss results.

You can do it!




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