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Warehouse fabrication products of fish farming, beekeeping, sericulture, artificial insemination

Warehouse fabrication products of fish farming, beekeeping, sericulture, artificial insemination

While dealing with animals welcome across certain animals which are very beneficial for human kind. The study of such animals constitute the term economic zoology. These animals are economical in various ways either their products or they them selves are used in many ways. Sericulture is the breeding and management of silk worms for the production of silk. The silk which is produced by silk worm is of a valuable natural protein fibre. Silk worms are the larvae of silk moths.

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While dealing with animals welcome across certain animals which are very beneficial for human kind. The study of such animals constitute the term economic zoology. These animals are economical in various ways either their products or they them selves are used in many ways.

Sericulture is the breeding and management of silk worms for the production of silk. The silk which is produced by silk worm is of a valuable natural protein fibre.

Silk worms are the larvae of silk moths. The rearing of silk worm for the production of silk is known as sericulture. It was Lotzu, the empress kwang-Ti, who for the first time discovered the silk thread and its source, the silk worm cocoon. In about B. By about A. Next biggest silk producing country is Japan, India is placed at third position as far as the production of silk in terms of quantity is concerned. Sporadic silk textile centres were also present in South India.

It was in that a scientific investigation in the field of sericulture was undertaken in India by the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research at Pusa, New Delhi. It was Lefroy who conducted research on the silk worm and potentialities of silk production in India. Various states have undertaken a programme of research, training and plantation of host plants under their rural development programmes.

As a result of these efforts, new varieties of mulberry plants have been developed and are being cultivated. These varieties are called as M 2 and M 5 varieties. Different varieties of silk worm, Bombyx mori and Autherea have been developed which can be cultivated in various states. Low production and higher yield have been achieved as a result of these efforts. India is producing metric tonnes of silk per annum Karnataka is the biggest silk producing state followed by Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh is also emerging on the scene of silk production.

Largest silk producing state of India is Karnataka. The zoological name of common silk worm is Bombyx mori which produces mulbery silk. Silk is obtained from Bombyx mori. It is native of China. It has been fully domesticated for the production of silk. It produces quality of silk which is white silk or yellow silk. Other species of Bombyx are B. They are well known in our country. Female moths are larger than male moths.

In general, univoltine races are of larger size than multivoltine. The body is divisible into head, thorax and abdomen.

Head contains a pair of eyes and a pair of pectinated antennae specially larger in males. Thorax contains three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings covered with scales. Female moths are without mouth. The abdomen is plump. The female has a scent gland at the terminal end of the abdomen, which secretes volatile secretion called pheromones to attract the male. Each moth lays about to eggs. The eggs are glued to the under-surface of the leaves of the host plant.

In univoltine eggs, hatching takes palce after one year. In multivoltine, it takes place after days. It is called as caterpillar larva. It is 1. It has grey or creamy-white colour. The body of larva is divided into head, thorax and abdomen. The head consists of three fused segments. Mouth parts are biting and chewing type or strongly mandibulate. The thorax consists of three segments. The abdomen consists of ten segments. The last and tenth segment is poorly developed. Five pairs of pseudo legs are present on 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , 6 th and 9 th abdominal segments.

These are used for locomotion. Silk is the secretion of salivary gland. Each gland is divisible into an anterior, a middle and a posterior region. The anterior parts of both the silk glands are united to form a common duct which opens through a spinneret situated on hypopharynx.

The posterior coiled part of gland secretes a protein called as fibroin. It is covered and surrounded by sericin secreted by middle part. The silk is secreted in liquid form, which solidifies on coming in contact with air. The larva is voracious eater. As the larva grows, it sheds its cuticle.

This is called as moulting. The form of larva between two successive moults is called as instar. The larva has five instars. A fully-grown larva or V th instar attains the length of 7. It stops feeding and starts spinning the cocoon. It secretes silk thread from its spinneret and forms covering in which it encloses itself completely. It takes about days to spin the cocoon. The enclosed immobile larva in the cocoon is called as Pupa. It remains inactive, but the internal organs undergo drastic changes collectively called as metamorphosis and transforms itself into imago.

It is made up of about meters long silk thread. The pupal period lasts for about 10 to 12 days. A young moth comes out of cocoon. They form pair and copulate. Egg laying is completed in about 24 hours. The laid eggs are called seeds. Silk is composed of proteins. It consists of an inner part made up of fibroin protein C 30 H 46 N 10 O 12 and is covered with an outer envelope made up of sericin protein C 30 H 40 N 10 O These activities have been divided in two categories :. For the promotion of the production of Kosa silk now Mulberry silk following efforts are being made.

These centres also provide disinfected improved kosa seeds and caterpillars to the rearers. These are. Apiculture is the science of rearing honeybees for obtaining honey, wax and venom. Three species of honey bees are commonly found in India vig.

Apis indica The small Indian bee , Apis florea The little Indian bee and Apis dorsata the giant bee Other important species include Apis milifera the common European bee and Apis adamsoni the African bee.

In India, the commonly domesticated species are Apis milifera and Apis Indica. Each colony has its own nest called honeycomb or beehive. The polymorphic individuals are of three main types i a single queen fertile female ii one to a few hundred drones fertile males and iii thousands upto 60, of worker bees sterile females.

That is why, she possesses immensely developed ovaries, a large abdomen, and a body which is nearly five times larger and about three times heavier than that of a worker bee. In other features, she is degenerate, having small wings and poorly developed legs, mouthparts, sting, brain, etc.

She has no salivary or wax glands. Hence she can neither produce honey or wax nor can fly out of the hive. Although she can use her sting, but it is mainly used as an ovipositor for laying eggs. She lays about fifteen lacs of eggs during her lifetime. Normally one to three thousand eggs are laid per day.

Egg-laying is a seasonal activity occurring during winters and spring in our country. These also lack salivary and wax glands, and depend for food upon worker bees. Their sole function is to fertilize the queen. Hence, during breeding season, these are well-fed by the workers, and can be often seen flying near the hive, enjoying or chasing and mating with young queens in flight.

After breeding season, in the following summer, the drones are neglected and eventually driven out of the hive to die of hunger and heat.


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Indian sericulture Karnataka sericulture Project opportunities List of abbreviations and references Contacts. Silk was extensively traded across the world from ancient times through trade routes known as silk routes. Global production of silk is in excess of , tonnes being produced in more than 20 countries across the world. Sector Profile Sericulture.

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Beekeeping or apiculture is the maintenance of bee colonies, commonly in man-made hives , by humans.

After independence India launched a massive programme of rapid industrilization with the belief that the benefits would percolate down to the masses. Contrarily only elites got benefited and rural people continued to be poor resulting into movement of the unemployed to the cities. As 80 percent of the population lives in rural India and depend on agriculture it received more emphasis in the second phase of development.

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In this Categorization Scheme, agriculture includes fisheries, forestry, food, nutrition and rural sociology. It comprises the production of plants and animals useful to man and the preparation and distribution of these products for man's use. Considerations on agriculture in its wide sense. For specific concepts see appropriate subject categories.

Forage Crops Lorann Stallones. Livestock Confinement Kelley Donham. Animal Husbandry Dean T. Stueland and Paul D. Manure and Waste Handling William Popendorf.

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Production function, input-output function: relationship between product output and . production from producer to consumer, such as coordination of manufacture, . Special methods of plant cultivation: use of artificial light, heat, soil warming, etc.; .. Farm storage and warehouse management .. fishing equipment, see.

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