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Storage industry nuts, rivets, washers, pins, cotter pins

Storage industry nuts, rivets, washers, pins, cotter pins

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Storage industry nuts, rivets, washers, pins, cotter pins, but each case is unique.

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Aircraft Hardware - What You Need to Know Part 1

The quality of our workmanship in building an airplane is very important. We all take the needed time and spend the necessary money to ensure we have a high quality airplane. We want it to not only look attractive, but also to be safe.

But what about the materials that hold the airplane together the aircraft hardware? Do we try to cut expenses by using questionable bolts or used nuts?

Is it really necessary to spend money on high quality aircraft hardware? The hardware used to assemble your airplane should be nothing but the best. Why take the time to build a perfect wing only to attach it to the fuselage with used hardware. It makes no sense.

The same book also provides us with a very good definition of aircraft hardware. The subject of aircraft hardware can certainly be confusing. Thousands upon thousands of small items are used on a typical airplane. What does the custom aircraft builder really need to know about hardware?

Where do you find the information? What reference is really the end authority on proper installation? What do all of those AN numbers mean and do I have to know them?

What types of hardware should I really learn more about in order to build my own airplane? These questions will be answered in this series of articles on aircraft hardware. I hope to eliminate some confusion over what type of hardware to use and how to properly install it.

To begin our discussion, it is absolutely imperative that you use nothing but aircraft grade hardware. Let's look at bolts as an example.

Common steel bolts purchased from a hardware store are made of low carbon steel that has a low tensile strength usually in the neighborhood of 50, to 60, psi. They also bend easily and have little corrosion protection. In contrast, aircraft bolts are made from corrosion resistant steel and are heat treated to a strength in excess of , psi. The same comparison applies to most hardware items.

Save the other hardware for your tractor. If aircraft hardware is special, then there must be a standard against which it should be measured and manufactured.

That standard was actually developed prior to World War 11, but became more definitive during that war. Each branch of the military originally had its own standard for hardware. As time went on these standards were consolidated and thus the term AN which means Air Force-Navy some prefer the older term Army-Navy. Together they present a universally accepted method of identification and standards for aircraft hardware. All fasteners are identified with a specification number and a series of letters and dashes identifying their size, type of material, etc.

This system presents a relatively simple method of identifying and cataloging the thousands and thousands of pieces of hardware. Several pieces of hardware will have both an AN number and an MS number that are used interchangeably to identify the exact same piece. A cross reference exists that compares these two numbers. So in the end, you are able to read your plans or assembly manual and identify, by number and letter, each piece of hardware on your airplane. You can then obtain that piece and properly install it in the right place.

Imagine trying to do that without a system of numbers. The specifications for each piece of hardware also define the strength, tolerance, dimensions, and finish that is applied.

If you would like further information on this numbering system, you can contact the National Standards Association in Washington, DC. Out of all the thousands of hardware pieces manufactured, which ones are important to the custom aircraft builder? The following types and categories of hardware will be discussed:. Where do you find information concerning aircraft hardware? Your aircraft plans or assembly manual should provide you with a general overview of hardware used on your project.

Use the hardware the aircraft designer or kit manufacturer recommends. Do not substitute with your own ideas. This can be dangerous. The manufacturer has tested the design and its safety is dependent upon the proper pieces of hardware. These two books are considered the primary authority on the proper use of hardware. Both of these provide a good reference source. If you have any doubts about the quality of the aircraft hardware you are purchasing, request a copy of the manufacturer's specifications.

These specifications along with a specific manufacturer's lot number should be available. Bolts Bolts are used in aircraft construction in areas where high strength is needed. Where this strength is not necessary screws are substituted.

Aircraft quality bolts are made from alloy steel, stainless or corrosion resistant steel, aluminum alloys and titanium. Within our industry the first two are the most common. Aircraft bolts will always have a marking on their head. If you see no markings at all on the head of a bolt, do not use it. It is probably a commercial grade bolt. The markings on bolts vary according to the manufacturer.

You should see an "X" or an asterisk along with a name, etc. If you purchase a corrosion resistant stainless steel bolt, the head of that bolt should have one raised dash.

An aluminum bolt will have two raised dashes on its head. Aluminum bolts have limited use. They should not be used in tension applications or where they will be continuously removed for maintenance or inspection. A chart of typical bolt heads is presented in Figure 1.

NAS bolts have a higher tensile strength usually about , psi and can be identified by a cupped out head. Close tolerance bolts are machined more accurately than general purpose bolts and they are used in applications requiring a very tight fit. Close tolerance bolts can be either AN or NAS and typically have a head marking consisting of a raised or recessed triangle.

The standard bolts used in aircraft construction are AN3 through AN Each bolt typically has a hexagon shaped head and a shank that fits into the hole.

The diameter of a bolt is the width of the grip. The shank of a bolt will be either drilled to accept a cotter pin or undrilled. Another option is to purchase a bolt that has the head drilled for the purpose of accepting safety wire. Clevis bolts are manufactured with a slotted head and are used for control cable applications.

The size, material, etc. A breakdown of a typical bolt AN number follows:. The bolt also has an undrilled shank which means it cannot accept a cotter pin. Now that you are totally confused let me recommend a hand tool to simplify bolt selection and sizing. If you need to determine the proper size of a bolt, the length must be sufficient to ensure no more than one thread will be inside the bolt hole. The grip length should be equal to the material thickness that is being held by the bolt or slightly longer.

A washer may be used if the bolt is slightly longer. A piece of welding rod or safety wire can be used to measure the length of the hole. It is important that you do not "over tighten" or "under tighten" a bolt or the nut attached to a bolt.

Under torque or under tightening results in excessive wear of the hardware as well as the parts being held. Over tightening may cause too much stress on the bolt or nut. The best way to avoid this is to use a torque wrench. AC presents a table of torque values for nuts and bolts. It shows fine thread and coarse thread series with a minimum and maximum torque limit in inch pounds. I recommend using a torque wrench whenever possible, at least until you get an idea as to the amount of force required.

Of course, critical installations should definitely be torqued to proper values. A torque wrench is not that expensive and will be a worthwhile investment for a custom builder. Basics of Bolt Installation Certain accepted practices prevail concerning the installation of hardware.

A few of these regarding bolt installation follow:. Aircraft Nuts Aircraft nuts usually have no identification on them but they are made from the same material as bolts. Due to the vibration of aircraft, nuts must have some form of a locking device to keep them in place. The most common ways of locking are cotter pins used in castle nuts, fiber inserts, lockwashers, and safety wire.

The aircraft nuts you will most likely encounter are castle nuts, self-locking nuts, and plain nuts. Wing nuts and anchor nuts are also used.

American Fastener Journal - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018

The Spaenaur Catalog is available online in many different formats to suit your needs. What are you looking for? The search is currently in testing as we test and refine the search function to make it easier to find items.

Aircraft fasteners work best for aircraft needs, especially for anything that keeps you in the air. Certain automotive fasteners may work better for specialty interior items, but otherwise, AN nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, screws, and rivets bought from a reputable aviation vendor are best.

Soon after the business opened, Jack was joined by his son Louis Clinton. He came across a surplus of various goods and fasteners, which included rivets and shipped them up to Jack. As soon as he received the shipment, he was able to sell them in no time. As business increased, Jack and Louis needed to move to a larger location with a warehouse to store their increasing inventory. In the mid 's the company move to Ferry Park in Detroit.

SIC Industry Description

To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our cookie policy. Unfortunately your session was timed-out due to inactivity. Please login or reload page to continue. At Essentra Components we stock a huge selection of nuts and washers for standard and specialised needs with varying material types such as our Nylon Flat Washers or Metal Washers. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample. Nuts Washers. Our threaded studs and rods are ideal for applications where a screw head is not needed or space is precious. Fastening completely into material, they can be threaded right down into the application. Our high-quality screws, ensure your product is held together through rigorous use, securely fastening vital components. Featured in our range of screws are, Countersunk, ideal for applications where there can be no protruding head on show and our Hex Head Screws are the ideal fasteners for mechanically securing materials.

Pacific Fasteners

Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "nuts, bolts, screws" Copy. DeepL Translator Linguee.

Use our thorough list of fastener manufacturers and suppliers in California to examine and sort top fastener manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product.

In Roy Spaetzel and Howard Hessenaur opened Spaenaur with a vision to supply fasteners and tools for auto upholstery. They quickly learned that the need for fasteners — in many sizes, shapes and forms — was much larger than they imagined. Today Spaenaur serves thousands of customers working in diverse industries. With over 60, unique products, custom packaged for individual orders, Spaenaur fulfills orders quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to the Smith Fastener Company Showroom

All fasteners perform the same function—mechanically joining and securing two or more parts together. Understanding the functional varieties of the different types available, including nuts, bolts, and washers, is essential to selecting the appropriate fastener and fastener supplier for your project. The following guide outlines a small selection of the types of fasteners available in our total inventory to help you choose the optimal product for your fastening application.

We supply parts for use in diverse industries such as: construction tools, electronics, food preparation, hose reels, storage racks, agricultural equipment and many other applications. These items are available in both standard and custom sizes. In conjunction with our numerous factory partners, we supply both standard and custom products in many configurations from different grades of steel, stainless steel, rubber, and plastic. Internally threaded rivets, 2-way nuts, self-locking pins, and threaded studs are just some of our specialty hardware products. To learn more about our standard and specialized hardware solutions, request a quote today. Wire Form.

Fastener Manufacturers Serving California

The range of our catered products is profoundly admired for its high efficiency, long service life, flawless performance and sturdy structure. The use of high end technologies and latest production equipment allows us to manufacture these products with high precision in various specifications as per the set industry norms. Due to our dedication of offering faultless array of products, we have gained a large network of trusted customers. The task of earning so much repute across the nation seems unfulfilled without the support of our adroit team. Selection of our team members has been made on the basis of years they served in the industry and their expertise in the required area of work. We complete manufacturing task of our provided products under the vigil of our quality examiners and in compliance with the internationally defined quality parameters. Reckoned as one of the eminent company in the industry, we engage in manufacturing an array of laudable Cotter Pins that is widely appreciated in the global market. Fabricated from superior quality raw materials, our products are absolutely reliable and highly durable.

Screws & Bolts · Threaded Rods & Studs · Eyebolts · U-Bolts · Nuts · Washers Spacers & Standoffs · Pins · Anchors · Nails · Nailers · Rivets · Rivet Tools.

The quality of our workmanship in building an airplane is very important. We all take the needed time and spend the necessary money to ensure we have a high quality airplane. We want it to not only look attractive, but also to be safe. But what about the materials that hold the airplane together the aircraft hardware? Do we try to cut expenses by using questionable bolts or used nuts?

The quality of our workmanship in building an airplane is very important. We all take the needed time and spend the necessary money to ensure we have a high quality airplane. We want it to not only look attractive, but also to be safe.

For aerospace bolt applications subjected to high tensile loadings and for aerospace nuts and bolts matched to fasteners of other grades. Welcome to Nuts and Bolts. Besides the riveted. We do not use Cookies for the processing, collection, or storage of personal data under any circumstances.

In the next eight pages, you will find catalogs and brochures for 64 fastener manufacturers, master distributors, importers and service companies available to the readers of the American Fastener Journal. You can call, fax or email your requests directly to the companies or visit their websites.

Fasteners come in many different forms. Scroll down to learn about many different types of nuts, bolts and screws! Screws use their threads to provide their own holding power. The terms in the industry are commonly mixed so sometimes you will see something that is called a screw or a bolt that is actually the opposite. Example: Lag Bolts and Lag Screws are the same thing.

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