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Plant manufacturing rental of heavy fusible metals

Plant manufacturing rental of heavy fusible metals

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The present invention relates to a ventilation system with a composite of a number of heat-resistant, preferably metallic tubular members main line, a number of which opens into these connecting conduits, and ventilation devices, which are connected to the leads.

Im Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau bzw. In residential and commercial buildings and in the construction of apartment-like buildings, such as hotels, retirement homes, etc. There are air handling units for individual ventilation of the respective rooms connected to a common main line. The common main conduit extends generally vertically across multiple floors of the building, which must meet each fire sections forming and therefore certain fire protection requirements.

Thus, the spread of fire and smoke to other floors must be effectively prevented in particular. The main lines must therefore trained stable and may not be combustible. It must be prevented as well, that the heat is transferred from a source of the fire to other floors with the main line itself. To meet these requirements, the tubes used as the main lines from high temperatures to be protected so far.

In particular pipes having high thermal conductivity, such as metallic pipes, require a sophisticated protection, so that the heat is not transmitted through the walls. Es ist bekannt, zu diesem Zweck eine feuersichere Ummauerung der Rohrleitungen vorzusehen bzw. It is known to provide a fire-proof encasement of the conduits for this purpose or to accommodate the pipes in fireproof applied installation shafts.

Burn-through safe-scale installation shafts, a separate fire section is formed which must be made fireproof at the connection points. Zu diesen Zweck werden beispielsweise Brandschutzklappen oder dergleichen vorgesehen. For this purpose, for example, fire dampers or the like are provided.

For apartment connections simplified fire protection requirements apply. Another known possibility is the cooling water according to the German Utility Model G 91 13 A complicated way, the partitioning is carried in each case arranged between the floors fire dampers. Also, the pipes of the main pipe can be made of fireproof material.

Besides the fact that such pipes are heavy and not easy assembly, is in case of fire by the action of fire heat, the risk of bursting of these pipes due to their heavy weight. All known possibilities have the disadvantage of high manufacturing and assembly work, poor maintainability and some of the large space required for fire-proof shafts. They also cause significant costs. A fireproof shaft is usually greater than 0. The shaft structure in fire class F90 is also an added cost over a simple plasterboard paneling.

The cooling water is due to the connected to the water supply and hygiene and corrosion problems found so far no enforcement on the market. Object of the present invention is therefore to provide a novel ventilation system through which the spread of fire, smoke and heat through the heat-resistant tube elements in case of fire can be prevented in a constructionally simple, economical and installation technically straightforward manner.

This object is inventively achieved by a ventilation system with the features of claim 1. The invention is based on the idea to insert in the tubular elements fire protection elements that are absolutely maintenance-free not only, but also the heat transfer interrupt effective.

Here, "interrupt", the term an effective limiting the heat conduction understood in the smallest possible amount. Advantages of such a ventilation system, which has heat-resistant pipe elements with fire protection elements which interrupt the conduction of heat along the walls of the tube elements, it is that neither walled perimeters which form separate fire sections are an additional water cooling or extinguishing devices or fire dampers, which may contaminate and maintenance-prone, is are errorderlich.

Durch den Wegfall einer Brandschutzummauerung stellt sich die Installation auch als eine platzsparende, gut z. Thereby, the fire protection elements of the present invention provide a cost measure for preventing the conduction of heat through the tube walls in case of fire.

The elimination of a Brandschutzummauerung raises the installation as a space-saving, good z. The fire protection elements are inexpensive to manufacture and covered thereby as compared to normal tubular elements on the cost side of little importance.

A significant advantage is the ease of installation, as lightweight, handy tubes can be used which can be mounted also of little practiced. The fire protection elements are to be treated as ordinary pieces of pipe or tees. Bei Verwendung von Edelstahlmuffenrohren ergibt sich aufgrund des Stecksystems mit Dichtungseinlagen der weitere Vorteil einer wesentlich schnelleren und leichteren Montage.

When using stainless steel socket pipes, the additional advantage of a much faster and easier assembly yields due to the plug-in system with sealing inserts. Here, a Dichtbandumwicklung falls away and the system can be installed even in hard to reach corners. In addition, corrosion can be avoided, whereby the pipe system has a life according to the building life.

The absence of moving parts, such as fire dampers, provides the pipe system with the inventive fire protection elements a maintenance-free ventilation system is. All this reduces costs, increases space utilization, simplifies installation and requires no maintenance. An advantageous embodiment is to integrate the fire protection elements integrally in the tubular elements.

Dies kann z. This can be. Example, by using different sintered materials or ceramic deposits within a tubular member. In this way, the use of a one-piece pipe elements is made possible, which extend over several fire zones of a building. A further advantageous embodiment is to design the fire protection elements as separate members which are connectable with the pipe elements. In this way the fire protection elements such as ordinary pipe elements are treated and are therefore easy to install.

The pipes can be composed of ordinary thin-walled metal tube elements. An advantageous further development of the fire protection elements described is obtained when the fire protection elements having a heat insulator as well as connecting elements. This is particularly effective because the vertically through the individual fire sections floors extending, thermally decoupled thin-walled tubular members in this manner from each other and are sealed together.

That is, the heat conduction along the pipe walls is interrupted. By the presence of a connecting piece at each floor of the main line, the firing temperature can not be transferred to other floors. It does not matter, in which portion the main line of the fire breaks out. He can neither up nor down spread, as the heat transfer along the tube walls of the metal tubular elements is interrupted by the inserted fire prevention features.

According to the invention it is advantageous if the fire protection elements comprise a cover tube of heat-insulating fireproof material and two each sealingly connected to an end of the pipe socket piece of metallic, refractory tubes, which are arranged at a distance to each other. This ensures that the tubular elements are sealingly connected to each other and are also thermally decoupled from each other.

Here, the connection between the duct and the pipe socket, and between the pipe socket and the pipe elements is formed such that it seals even in the event of a fire under extreme conditions links and and the upper and lower tubular elements are thermally decoupled from each other by the transfer tube made of fireproof material.

The pipe connections are connected mechanically firmly with the overtube from fireproof material, wherein the compound remains even in case of fire. The fire protection element can thus be incorporated into the ceiling that it disappears in this. Another advantage of this fire protection element that it can be mounted even in corners and the like easily. A further refinement according to the invention is achieved by additional fire protection elements in the junction area to the connecting lines are arranged.

To prevent heat transfer even safer, the connecting pieces can also be provided for the lead with fire protection elements. This causes the heat transfer is additionally interrupted between the main line on the one hand and a connecting line with a ventilation unit on the other. Thus, a double protection against heat transfer is given in case of fire.

A further embodiment of the invention is that the fire protection elements have a connecting piece made of highly heat-resistant, metallic, reuerfesten tube whose diameter is larger than that of the connecting cable and accommodates a ring member made of insulating fireproof material, whose inner diameter corresponds to the outer diameter of the lead.

In this way, a sealing connection between the main and a connecting pipe is manufactured, which simultaneously decoupled both thermally pipe systems from one another. Furthermore, it is according to the invention appropriate that the heat-insulating fireproof material of the fire protection elements made of materials such as Promatekt, Cape, Eternit o.

As this concerns commercial thermal insulation materials, this contributes to cost-effective production of fire protection elements. A further advantageous development of the invention is that the tube elements are made of high heat-resistant stainless steel sleeve tubes.

Here stainless steel socket pipes are provided mainly so they can be mounted in convenient lengths for beginners. Thus, the ventilation system is corrosion resistant and easy to install, minimizing the cost of maintenance and installation. Another advantage in the use of stainless steel sleeve tubes results from the fact that the plug-in system already has sealing liners, so that it is possible to dispense with additional Dichtbandumwicklung.

The life of a steel pipe network corresponds to the life of the building. According to the leads can be made of tubular elements. Dies bringt die oben beschriebenen Vorteile mit sich. This brings the advantages described above with it. These devices block in case of fire, the air communication between the ventilation unit and the main line, z.

For example, by a flap from. This may take place by air flowing no heat transfer. Finally, it is according to the invention useful to seal the main line of the pipeline system at its lower end and provided at its upper end to an output.

Subsequently, an advantageous embodiment of the invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings purely by way of example. Es zeigen: Show it:. For single ventilation systems with common main conduit 2, which refer to the Wohnu ngsbau predominantly use, there is a ventilation system of the main line 2 and the leads 3 to the individual ventilation units.

Here, the main conduit 2 forming floor slabs 8 extends vertically over a plurality of individual fire sections. The vertically-extending main duct 2 is made of heat-resistant metallic pipe elements, preferably stainless steel socket pipes assembled.

The tube elements of the main line 2 are per projectile sealingly connected by a fire protection element 5 per fire the main conduit. On the building roof, the main conduit 2 opens into an outlet.

Are located at each floor one or a plurality of connection lines 3 at the end of a ventilation device with shut-off device 4 is arranged. Here, each floor may again be divided into several zones. The connecting lines 3 are connected via fire protection elements 6 to the main pipe. At the lower end of the main pipe 2, a sealing device 9 is disposed. Die Brandschutzelemente 5 bzw.

The fire protection elements 5 and 6 serve to prevent heat conduction through the tube walls of the main pipe 2 and the connecting line. They also have the task of connecting the pipe elements and seal in the illustrated embodiment. The ventilation units 4 with shut-off device comprise a fusible triggering shut-off device, for example a butterfly valve, in order to prevent further aspiration of the hot air in the ventilation system through the ventilation device 4 in case of fire.

Characterized the heat transfer is prevented by flowing air, as the air communication between the ventilation unit 4 and the connection line 3 and therefore interrupted to the main line 2 is in case of fire. Each floor is thermally decoupled in this way.

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The present invention relates to a ventilation system with a composite of a number of heat-resistant, preferably metallic tubular members main line, a number of which opens into these connecting conduits, and ventilation devices, which are connected to the leads. Im Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau bzw. In residential and commercial buildings and in the construction of apartment-like buildings, such as hotels, retirement homes, etc. There are air handling units for individual ventilation of the respective rooms connected to a common main line. The common main conduit extends generally vertically across multiple floors of the building, which must meet each fire sections forming and therefore certain fire protection requirements. Thus, the spread of fire and smoke to other floors must be effectively prevented in particular. The main lines must therefore trained stable and may not be combustible.

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Improved economics at lower commodity price assumptions to advance project financing. NICO is a planned vertically integrated project consisting of an open pit and underground mine and mill near Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories "NT" and a hydrometallurgical refinery near Saskatoon - the Saskatchewan Metals Processing Plant "SMPP" , where Fortune will process concentrates from the mine to high value metal products. Both sites have already received the environmental assessment "EA" approvals in their respective jurisdictions and are now in the final permitting phase. This updated Feasibility Study was prepared by Micon in order to document a number of improvements that have been made to the NICO project over the past year and to provide a comprehensive document to support negotiations currently underway for project financing with potential strategic partners and their banks. Areas where improvements have been made include: the inclusion of additional gold-rich reserves to be accessed from underground outside of the open pit design, use of grid power at the minesite rather than expensive diesel power, updated capital and operating costs to reflect current prices and updated labour and indirect costs, and changes in product mix and markets with the inclusion of additional bismuth premium products to be pursued to reflect the SMPP's strategic advantage as a North American based producer of specialty metals and chemicals. Harry Burgess , P.

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Bismuth is a white, crystalline, brittle metal with a pinkish tinge. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals, and the thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. It has a high electrical resistance, and has the highest Hall effect of any metal that is, the greatest increase in electrical resistance when placed in a magnetic field. Bismuth is stable to oxygen and water but dissolves in concentrated nitric air.

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