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Factory building saws

Factory building saws

Showing passionate devotion to the advancement of vertical bandsaws for more than half a century, our vast experience has made us a fully-fledged brand and a bellwether manufacturer in the industry. We are proud of the rugged design of our machines, and set great store by aesthetics in addition to efficacy, safety and systemic quality. The main body of our vertical bandsaw is made of heavy gauge steel, together with a solid cast-iron worktable, which substantially reduces vibration from cutting at high speeds. Its excellent variable speed design allows high-efficiency cutting and application of various metals and non-metal materials. Your need is always in our heart when we design our machines.

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Ripping saws

If you want to work with wood, you must learn to love it. You need to love its versatility and warmth and be captivated by the varied applications of this original material. We have designed specific sliding table saws for people like you; not only do these facilitate your work as much as possible — they also yield perfect results. Premium Class. T70 Sliding table saw. T75 PreX Sliding table saw. Premium - Compact Class.

T60A Sliding table saw. T60C Sliding table saw. T65 Sliding table saw. The sliding table saw — a must in every workshop. A sliding table saw has a very central position in medium-sized workshops and industrial enterprises. MARTIN sliding table saws convince by their sturdiness, sophisticated technology and excellent economic value. This has been made possible by modern control concepts, high quality engineering and practical details. Whether you are looking for a scoring saw unit, a certain cutting width, or a special cutting length — you will find what you need at MARTIN!

Here you will, for example, always find a rip fence with a scale. In the outermost position, the fence can simply be lowered and, as an option, this can also be done from the operating position. Nevertheless you can also opt for fence adjustment by hand wheel.

This principle was implemented on our sliding table saws in has steadily been optimized. The unbeatable technical advantage of this system is the smooth and precision guidance of the table. The hardened guide strips are cleaned every time the operator strokes the table which is the only way to make sure, that the surfaces are unaffected by dust and chips.

Another important quality feature is that MARTIN generally does not use any plastic parts in the construction of this component which is so important for the cutting quality and overall life of the machine. The table lip that is bolted to the main sliding table extrusion — unique for saws and only available here at MARTIN — makes it easy to repair damage caused by large diameter deflected saw blades. The table can be locked down every 20 mm along the length of the machine and this way the table can be fixed in exactly the positon that is best for the work at hand — irrespective of whether you want to work with jigs or position a workpiece.

The cutting height of our saws varies from to mm depending on the diameter of the saw blade and the model. This way you are perfectly flexible right from the start. A central function of a sliding table saw is the trimming of workpieces. But those woodworkers who have intensively studied the possibilities of this machine will find that in addition also rabbets, grooves, mitre cuts, compound mitres, mortising and tenoning operations, incremental cuts and much more can be performed on this saw.

For all these operations you have very powerful tools at hand today that intuitively guide you through the work process. This merely requires the operator to know which tool he must use for the task at hand. When the operator has made his choice the electronic aids play out their strengths to the full. The productivity rises and the error rate drops. Another important aspect that has become increasingly important in the past decades is industrial safety.

Thanks to the numerous innovation, options and accessories the sliding table saw has developed to become a comparatively safe machine. Cutting height and angle are automatically referenced to the fence, blade guards are controlled and dust emission is reduced to a hardly measurable minimum. Workpieces are held in place by a number of clever clamping devices in order to minimize the danger of moving pieces.

To respond as best as possible to the high cost pressure, companies these days pay special attention to an optimal exchange between work preparation and machine. Here interface functions to the common industry-specific optimisation programmes achieve the best results. Those who think that with a sliding table saw you can only machine wood or wooden composites have another thing coming.

A sliding table saw undoubtedly is a classic among woodworking machinery but it has long since also conquered the world of aluminium and plastic machining. Both materials can be perfectly cut with a modern sliding table saw assuming you have the right equipment and suitable accessories. Even special materials like carbon-fibre composites CFC can be cut with a perfectly equipped machine.

All these aspects considered, it soon becomes clear that in a workshop that is up-to-date a productive all-round machine — a modern sliding table saw — should not be missing. Product Comparison. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. Further information can be found in our privacy policy declaration. Click here to unsubscribe.

Table Saw Overheating

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. DoALL provides manual, semi-automatic and automatic metalworking band saws. A manual or gravity saw requires an operator to manually feed the material, lift the saw head and close the vise, With a semi-automatic saw, a hydraulic or pneumatic vise raises the saw head, but an operator needs to feed material.

Panel saws should be assembled and aligned at the factory by qualified technicians to meet exacting tolerances. If you buy a component saw, any price savings is quickly offset by the time spent trying to assemble the tool, and by poor cutting accuracy over the life of the saw.

From our factory in Slovenia, we have supplied machines to more than 50 countries worldwide. With its full automation and optimisation of yield — recovery of wood, it is increasing the profits of our company. MEBOR designed the sawing line exactly as we need it. Dushin Alexandr Viktorovich, Lenalesservis, Russia.

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Saw-tooth roof

Ancient and Modern Work Ice Houses Roofs Framing Hip. Coburn Door Hanger

For long workpieces the table can be extended at the back. A table saw is the centerpiece of any woodworking shop and is the first machine that a woodworker should purchase.

Log splitters can help speed up the process of chopping wood and can be used by people of all ages and skill levels, taking out much of the manual effort required. We use cookies to provide the performance of our website and collect visitor statistics. For electric log splitters , it's recommended you use hydraulic oil with a 10W weight rating.

8 Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Vertical Panel Saw

Metal band saws made from tool-grade steel are produced and manufactured in the new building in order to replace the previously dominant circular saw on the saw market worldwide. Kullmann and Rolf Kullmann, sons of Wilhelm H. Kullmann, take over the management and lay the foundation for the additional expansion of the company. WIKUS manufactures a new generation of carbide saw blades and thereby sets new benchmarks for the industry: In the production hall with the name of 1st carbide bandsaw, FUTURA, the most extensive production lines in the saw market are created.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We have been building lasting relationships with customers and distributors for more than years. We have the experience and know how to take them into the next century and beyond. Tool manufacturing is a fascinating combination of raw, basic elements and the most modern high technology.

The Mebor worldwide experience!

May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New International Industrial Forum Ukraine Our offer of bandsaws is cleary the largest The company PILOUS is the only company in the world that offers a complete production program in which you can find a wide range of band saws designed for metal cutting as well as log band saws for wood cutting. With the portfolio of band saws for metal cutting as well as log band saws for wood cutting, the company PILOUS belongs among the biggest producers in the world, not only regarding the product range, but also regarding the production volume. Essential to the success and rapid development of the company PILOUS has been from the very beginning the maximum emphasis on the state-of-art construction, quality and sturdiness of the machines. The use of new technologies and methods, very robust construction of machines, design and quality assurance guarantees long-term service life of the machines and the saw blades, as well as maximum cutting accuracy.

Whether you want to slice through metal, trim your decking down to size or cut out a hole for a sink in your benchtop, there's a power saw for the job. But how do.

A durable, torsionally rigid This new generation of side trim saws shows a definite improvement in cutting jobs. Highest quality and safety As a market leader for circular building site saws and with more than 80 years of experience, we know what is important. With this knowledge, we work continually to keep products up to date,

A saw-tooth roof is a roof comprising a series of ridges with dual pitches either side. The steeper surfaces are glazed and face away from the equator to shield workers and machinery from direct sunlight. This kind of roof admits natural light into a deep plan building or factory. Before electric light substituted for daylight in the late 19th century, consideration of good daylight strategies was essential.

If you want to work with wood, you must learn to love it. You need to love its versatility and warmth and be captivated by the varied applications of this original material. We have designed specific sliding table saws for people like you; not only do these facilitate your work as much as possible — they also yield perfect results.

Here's your SawStop. Designed for you, by you.

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