About us

Alex and Julia King


Hi Alex and Julia on Holidaythere, and welcome to Healthy Fit Tips! We are a couple with high fitness goals and a huge desire to help people with theirs. We will be sharing various workouts, recipes, feasts, and ways you can be healthy and fit even on a budget. Our goal in this blog is to help people on every level… people who workout at home, people who love the gym, and people searching for a solution that will work for them. The main goal above all is to stay, fit healthy and well!



From the NYC metro area, I captained a swim team and worked multiple jobs while studying for my BA. Stopped competing after getting injured and began to coach others in athletics and fitness. With 10-year experience in healthcare, nutrition, I am all about providing comprehensive solutions for gaining weight, losing weight and training your stamina for a healthier lifestyle. Favorite things include family, working, video games, and only getting “cardio” through playing sports



Born and raised in London, moved to New York and relocated to Los Angeles. A Certified Personal Trainer, and lover of good healthy food. I am very passionate about fitness and helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle. I’m a firm believer that living a healthy and fit lifestyle should be FUN, and I want to help you find that too! I found it myself back in 2003 and I haven’t looked back since!  😉


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