About us

About Us 


Health Bites is a different kind of health and fitness publication. First of all everyone of our writer have overcome there own health concerns, whether that be in weight loss, or general. So when we put out our health and fitness information we are speaking to everyone who needs real advice experienced by real people.

At Healthbites, we understand that people aren’t looking to live and breath the gym in order to get fit and healthy. This is the reason we’ve incorporated more articles on overall health and fitness, in bite sized chunks (hence our name) so our readers can take action without feeling overwhelmed.

We also provide resources to help more people become fitter, healthier and happier. We don’t do fads or trends, just trustworthy, and helpful advice with a bucket load of inspiration.

Healthbites is here to give you what you need to start training, or begin eating in a healthy way. So join us and get inspired on your journey to a healthier and more fulfilled you.