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Recipe with 2 ingredients eliminates parasites and fat deposits in the body

Many think that energy accumulates in the body only as body fat, and that to lose weight you need to follow a diet that allows you to burn those fat deposits. But there are other energy reserves that interfere with the process of burning fat.

These other energy deposits in the body are known as, glycogen (carbohydrates) and proteins (muscle mass). The way in which the body uses these energy deposits can change the way the body uses fats.

When excess sugar is consumed, which can come from processed foods, an excess of mucus is created in the body, and this excess of mucus is a perfect place for the proliferation and multiplication of fungi and bacteria in the intestine, which causes a decrease in energy and the body requests more and more sweet foods to supply this lack, thus becoming a vicious circle.

On the other hand, the more parasites there are in the body, the more body fat they will have since they find their ideal place to survive in fat deposits.

The key is to eliminate the parasites, once the parasites have been eliminated from the body, the energy levels increase, and this energy will help to burn body fat.


Recipe to increase energy, eliminate body fat and parasites


  • 100 grams of flax seeds
  • 10 grams of dried sweet cloves.


  • Grind the two ingredients with a mill until a powder mixture is obtained.

Consumption Mode

  • Take 2 tablespoons of the mixture of these ingredients every morning for 3 days.
  • You can mix the powder with filtered hot water or add consume with breakfast.
  • After 3 days of ingesting this mixture, take a 3-day break and start over, and repeat for about a month; 3 days of intake and 3 days of rest.
  • After a month, the natural protocol to eliminate the parasites will be finished.


  • This cleaning can be done once a year in order to keep the parasites away.

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